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Hello! My name is Sina Bari MD and I’m a trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. I finished my training at Stanford Hospital in 2012 and after spending more than a decade in Plastic Surgery, I left to work in the world of technology creating artificial intelligence solutions for the future.

I want to create this space to share some of the things I learned about Plastic Surgery – both the beautiful part and the ugly side. Over the years, many of my friends and family have asked me about this or that beauty tip or whether a procedure or treatment works and I’ve noticed how much information out there is confusing, misleading, or just wrong.

I felt like what the beauty industry needed was for… someone to tell the truth.

Have you ever wondered how people end up looking overworked? Or why things like overfilled lips become popular? Or whether a miracle cream or lotion actually works?

I want to shed light past the false claims and promises and also to give you the full answer. An answer that includes what happens when science, technology, money, race, and gender get entwined as they have in the beauty industry.

Most of all though, I wanted to give answers to my sister and mom and all the men and women who’ve I’ve loved that thought a needle or nip or tuck could make them a little happier. And I wanted to do it with the same love and respect and honesty that I give them.

So what will we talk about? For one, what works and what doesn’t…. I liken plastic surgery (and sometimes medicine in general) to an auto mechanic. I love cars but I don’t know anything about how they work. When I go to the mechanic, I trust that they are telling me the truth about what I do and don’t need, because if they’re not, I wouldn’t be able to tell.

Well, it’s time we started finding some honest mechanics in the world of beauty. We took an oath to help people and to give of our knowledge freely… so here goes, the truth about fillers, botox, skin care and the rest of the billion dollar industry that sometimes works and sometimes just tries to sell you what you don’t need.